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Agricultural products and services for area farms

Agricultural products and services for area farms


Agricultural Services

helping Farmers

Building Relationships with Farmers

We started in 2010 with the vision of finding beneficial uses for industrial byproducts specifically withing the realm of agriculture. We are dedicated to the preservation of farmland and the family farm.

Reducing costs

Saving Farmers Money

Because of rising input costs, area farmers are struggling to make a profit.  Finding products that meet their needs and can replace some of the higher priced options allows us to create value for these farmers.

Environmentally Frieldly

Reduce Reuse Recycle

We strive to leave the world better than how we found it.  This is best seen in our beneficial re-use program, we contract with producers to reroute valuable products to consumers who need them.

Products and Services

Cardboard Bedding


Our Cardboard Bedding Product comes from recycled cardboard, They are easy to use and super absorbent, holding the nutrients so you can apply it to the field.

Custom Spreading


Have a product you need spread? Our walking floor spreaders with variable speed end-beaters are able to apply large amounts of material quickly and evenly.

Beneficial Re-Use


If you have a bulk amount of a by-product that you believe could be used in an agricultural setting, contact us and we will be happy to take a look.

Equipment Sales


In the market for a new... Spreader? Forage Trailer? Feed Wagon? Conveyor? Pumpeller? 

We can help!

Spreader Rental


Have a small amount of things you need spread and would rather do it yourself.  Ask us about our spreader rental program.

Trucking Services


Moving Products from Point A to Point B, our end dump and walking floor trailers make sure we get each load delivered on time.

Employment Opportunities


As a growing company we are always looking for good help, especially in our busy seasons of fall and spring.  If you are looking for a change and like working on a farm.  Check out our employment page. 

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