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Agricultural products and services for area farms

Beneficial Re-Use

Did you know that many items currently considered waste could actually be recycled and used safely and efficiently in an agricultural setting. We work closely with many large family farms in our market in an effort to find products that can be used in their operations.  Those products can range from feed additives to soil amendments.  With the rising costs of farming inputs, they are eager for options to help reduce cost while protecting the integrity of their land and animals.

Being in a unique position

 Not only do we have a relationship that's more like family than business partners with our farmers, we are also in the unique position to have the equipment and resources to transport, process, and if needed land apply products directly for the end user.  Running our own trucks and applicators we don't rely solely on third parties to get the job completed for us.  We handle all products from the origin to the destination ourselves.  Dealing directly with the end user allows us to keep costs controlled and offer one price for our services.  Eliminating the middle-man to provide value to both the supplier and end-user. 

Want to find out more

If you are in an industry looking for a more environmentally sound option for your food and non-food by-products and want to find out if our applications can work for your products? Give us a call.  We will set up a time to meet with you and discuss your needs, review your products and start building a relationship.