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Agricultural products and services for area farms

Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

When we first got into business, we started out heavy into spreading.  We spread manure for farms but also had a contract with a paper lime product that had a lot of moisture in it.  These two products needed heavy duty spreaders that could handle wet products without getting jammed up.  After trying a number of different spreaders styles we settled on what we found were the best spreaders on the market.  They are tough, durable, and yet spread wet material evenly and consistently throughout the field which our customers like.  Many of our customers started asking about our spreaders with intent to purchase.  Since there wasn't a dealer in the area we became a dealer for them, becoming an equipment sales dealer and representing them in our area.  They sell more than just spreaders too.  Before we knew it we were selling spreaders, forage boxes, forage trailers and many other products. Check out our brands for sale below, when you click on the brand you will be brought to the manufacturers website to find out more about their products.

Brands that we Sell

JBS - J.Bond and Sons

J. Bond and Sons Ltd. has been in business since 2005 and has been building and developing its products since then with a primary goal – to make harvesting and spreading easier and more productive for JBS customers. 

Artex Manufacturing

At Artex our designers are farmers, our welders are farmers, our sales guys are farmers—we know what it means to be at the mercy of the land 1,200 acres away from help. That’s why we build our manure spreaders, silage trailers, and combo-boxes to out-perform and outlast any other, anywhere.


For over a generation valley farmers have used Loewen equipment on their farms which surround the Loewen manufacturing facility. Loewen grew to become a worldwide supplier of farm equipment because we understand farmers' needs. To this day Loewen has not lost the sensible approach of listening to their customers.

Jamesway Farm Equipment

Jamesway Farm Equipment is one of the biggest manufacturers of manure handling equipment in North America. Jamesway offers a wide range of products such as manure tankers, lagoon pumps, manure scrapers, transfer pumps, agitators, etc. 


Valmetal is the North American leader in manufacturing farm equipment to mechanize and automate the chore of feeding dairy animals. With over 1000 fully automated feeding systems up and running in North America and in Europe, Valmetal’s reputation is well established on the market. 

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