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Cardboard Bedding

Our Story

Recycled Cardboard Bedding comes from the short fibers of recycled cardboard that are not reusable to make new cardboard. As a part of Prairie Ag Services Beneficial Re-Use program we find products like this and identify uses for it in the agricultural field. Recycled Cardboard Bedding is super easy to use and move around the farm. We deliver a full truckload in bulk (approx 25 tons) to your farm for FREE. Because the material is so absorbent it does a tremendous job of keeping your pens dry. When it’s time to change out the bedding it can be added to your composting regiment or applied directly to the field for additional organic matter.

delivered free

Because this product is being diverted from a landfill, we are able to deliver if for free.  We are actively growing the market for this product as part of our contract with the producer. As demand increases we do expect to have to charge for the product because there is a limited supply.


Hamstra Cattle Company

I am consistently working on providing the most comfortable environment for my cattle because comfortable cattle will always perform the best and this product is helping me achieve that. I like that there is no dust when bedding it and that I can just call and get a load when I need it.

TR Farms

This recycled cardboard product is one of the best bedding products I have ever used. It’s super absorbent and easy to move while bedding and cleaning. It provides a ton of value and I am helping keep it out of landfills. Best of all, it’s FREE!

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